Free football manager game

Matchday11 is a free online football manager game where you compete against other managers from around the world


Simple, yet realistic

Matchday11 has been designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible.

Focus on transfers, scouting and youth academies

If you want to set ticket prices, build snack bars etc. there are probably other games that are better for you. Matchday11 has less focus on non-football related activities and more focus on how to build as strong a squad as possible through transfers, scouting and youth academies.

 Big game world

Currently we have leagues in 35 countries, all competing in the same game world. All continents are represented. We are looking to add more countries in the near future.

Realistic competition structure

Matchday11 uses a realistic competition structure where teams compete in domestic leagues and cups. If you do well in these competitions you will qualify for continental cups that have a similar structure to the real life european cups (champions league and europa league). So there are qualification rounds, group stages etc. There is even a Matchday11 Club world championship for all champions league winners.